Over 40 years of experience.

Our company, based in Japan, specializes in exporting Cermet & Carbide Disposable Saw Blades for cutting steel bars & pipes, Refractories / Ceramic Raw Materials.

We specialize in exporting this specific type of product and have over 40 years of experience. We strive to introduce our product to the global market.

Refractory Division

Export SiC Plate / Slab, Alumina Setter, Mullite Support and other various kinds of kiln furniture for firing Chinaware and Ceramic Products.

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» in the Japanese domestic market, DAIKO CERAMICS

Refractory Blade

Tipped Saw Blade Division

Export Cermet & Carbide Disposable Tipped Saw Blades for cutting ferrous metals & other Tipped Circular Saw Blades.

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Tipped Saw Blade

Ceramic Raw Material Division

Export various kinds of Quality Ceramic Raw Materials.
Under thorough quality control system in Japan, we have continually supplied Quality Stable Ceramic Raw Materials for many years.

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Ceramic Raw Material