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In terms of PERFORMANCE of refractory, we usually based on the objects ability to "bend" and "crack". Theoretically, "bending" and "cracking" are conflicting properties, an object that is difficult to crack is easy to bend, and vice versa.
Our SiC refractory overcomes these two conflicting propertes simultaneously by unique technologies starting from material composition and other processes.

It also obtains one of the most important property for SiC refractory, "high oxidation resistance", and provides high performance to our SiC refractory. Slits on SiC plate provides toughness against thermal shock.
Due to our unique slit technology, there is no worry about dropping filling dust from the slits part.

our SiC refractory

We have been exporting SiC(Silicon Carbide), Alumina and Mullite Kiln Furniture for firing Chinaware and various Ceramic Products such as, Tile, Sanitaryware, Insulator, Grindstone and Electronic Advanced Ceramic, etc.
Our Refractory Products have been widely used by ceramic manufactures around the world and are recognized as superior in quality and value.

Products Details

SiC Plate / Slab / Setter
For firing Chinaware and Ceramic Products
Other Shape SiC Refractories
Various shape SiC Kiln Furniture for other applications
Characteristic of Our SiCSiC Performance Comparison
Comparing durability of Daiko's SiC and other's
Advanced SiC Refractories
Higher Performance SiC Kiln Furniture for special conditions
- Reaction-bonded Silicon Carbide (Si-SiC)
- Recrystallized Silicon Carbide (Re-SiC)
- Nitride Bonded Silicon Carbide (N-SiC)
Japanese domestic market
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