Disposable Saw Blade Products line-up



Cermet Tip
Our exclusive technology delivers outstanding durability and wear resistance.

SA-G Suitable for cutting carbon steels and alloy steels solid bar


SA-P Suitable for cutting carbon steels and alloy steels pipe


EXCELLENT SAW -TA (Tungsten Carbide Tip)


Tungsten Carbide Tip
Provides toughness on harder material

TA-SL Suitable for cutting stainless steel


Characteristic of each Tip Materials

Cermet (SA)

Has less affinity for steels work piece and better abrasive wear resistance than Tungsten Cargide.
Lately, the trend is towards using Cermet Tipped Saw Blades in order to achieve higher cutting rates, longer tool life, and better cut quality compared to the conventional carbide tipped blades.

Cermet is ideally developed to have the optimal properties of both ceramic, for high temperature resistance and hardness, and those of metal, for toughness.
It is a sintered composite material consisting of carbide and nitride powders with metallic elements as binder.
Mainly consists of titanium compound such as, titanium carbide(TiC) and titanium nitrocarbide (TiCN) with nickel (Ni), cobalt (Co) and niobium carbide (NbC) as metallic elements.

Composition of Cermet = about 60% titanium, 20% tungsten, and others elements.

Tungsten Carbide (TA)

Has more toughness and less likely to chip.
However, wear resistance is less than Cermet. Due to it's higher toughness quality, Tangsten Carbide Tip is used for cutting our stainless steel blades.

Generally, it is sintered Tungsten Carbide(WC) with cobalt(Co) as binder. Tungsten Carbide is often simply called "carbide".