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Every SiC plate in the world is not the same quality.

To state simply, performance of SiC refractory is determined by material content of SiC (Silicon Carbide) and bulk density.
SiC Plate with low SiC content is low density and can be produced cheaply, but yields low performance.
Our SiC plate's SiC content is 89.8% and bulk density is 2.8, that is optimum content and bulk density with good cost performance.

When you hit against a SiC plate, the ones that produce a shrill, metal sound is a good quality plate. In contrary, dull, low sound one means less quality plate.

HARD TO BEND and HARD TO CRACK at same time

In terms of PERFORMANCE of refractory, we usually based on the objects ability to "bend" and "crack". Theoretically, "bending" and "cracking" are conflicting properties, an object that is difficult to crack is easy to bend, and vice versa.

Our SiC refractory overcomes these two conflicting properties simultaneously by unique technologies starting from material composition, pressing, firing and other processes.
It also obtains one of the most important property for SiC refractory, "high oxidation resistance", and provides high performance to our SiC refractory.
Slits on SiC plate provides toughness against thermal shock.
Due to our unique slit technology, there is no worry about dropping filling dust from the slit part.

SiC Plate Technical Parameter

* Product : FR-90
* Max. service temperature : 1500°C

Composition (%)
SiC 89.5
SiO2 8.9
Al2O3 0.5
Fe2O3 0.3
Properties Apparent Porosity (%) 6.5
Bulk Density (g / cm3) 2.8
Modulus of Rupture at RT (Mpa) 45
Crashing Strength at RT (Mpa) 150
Refractoriness Under Load (T2°C) (2kg / cm2) >=1,700°C
Thermal Expansion at 1000°C (10-6K-1) 4.8
Thermal Conductivity at 1000°C (W / mK) 16
*RT = Room Temperature
* Depending on operating condition, actual figures may vary.

For Higher Performance SiC Kiln Furniture in addition to Oxide Bonded SiC (FR-90)

We use above Oxide Bonded SiC for SiC plate and other shape SiC refractories. Whereas, we can provide higher performance advanced SiC kiln furnitures for special use.
Please refer to "Advanced SiC Refractory page" for more details.