SiC Plate / Slab / Setter

SiC Plate

What is SiC Plate ?

SiC is the artificial mineral "Silicon Carbide", a compound of silicon and carbon bonded together one to one. It has the third highest hardness after diamond and Boron Carbide, very stable chemical characteristic against acid and alkali.

SiC Plate used for firing general chinaware and ceramic product (temperature below 1,500°C), is made by SiC bonded by Silicon Oxide (Si2O3), technically called "Oxide Bonded Silicon Carbide".
This SiC refractory has very high thermal conductivity (almost 10 times higher than mullite refractory) and high radiation rate of Long-wavelength infrared, that bring very high heat efficiency toward products.
In terms of cost performance for firing general chinaware and ceramic products, this Oxide Bonded SiC is the most valuable and suitable refractory. Our product name of this type of Oxide Bonded SiC refractory is "FR-90".

We can provide the best suitable SiC Plate / Slab / Setter (FR-90) for firing chinaware and ceramic product.

Our Experience

Including the Japanese domestic market, Daiko Trading and Daiko Ceramics are selling more than 40,000pcs of SiC Plates (FR-90) per year, dealing with more than 300 customers, maufacturing such as Chinaware, Tile, Sanitaryware, Insulator, Grindstone and Electronic Advanced Ceramic etc. around the world.

Our Flexiblility

We have more than 300 sizes of pressing molds and we can make new size mold to meet your needs depending on order quantity.

* Maximum recommended service temperature of our SiC Plate (FR-90) is 1,500°C. When the application temperature is over 1,500°C, you should choose Recrystallized SiC (Re-SiC) / Max. 1,600°C or Alumina Setter / Max. 1,750°C. Please inquire with Daiko Trading.